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Syllabus and Books of Uttarakhand Technical University's B.tech Computer Science Branch by every Semester.

Here you go...All matter related to B.tech Computer Science Subjects!!! 

TCS-301        Discrete Structures 
TCS-302      Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
TCS-303       Data Structures
TEC-301       Digital Electronics & Design Aspect
TCS-304        Object Oriented Programming
THU-301       Engineering Economics & Costing

TCS-401        Computer Organization
TCS-402        Unix & Shell Programming
TCS-403       Theory Of Automata & Formal Language
TCS-404        Database Management System
TCS-405         Microprocessor
TCS-406        Software Engineering

TCS-501         Computer Graphics
TCS-502         Computer Network
TCS-504        Principle of programming Language
TCS-505        Advance Java Programming
TCS-506       Modelling and Simulation

TCS-601          Operating System
TCS-602          Compiler Design
TCS-603          Artificial Intelligence
TCS-604          Graph Theory
TCS-605           .Net Technologies & Visual Programming
THU-608         Principles of Management

TCS-701          Introduction to Web Technology 
TCS-702          Advanced Computer Architecture

TCS-801        Distributed Systems
TCS-802        Mobile Computing

CS-011           Digital Image Processing
CS-014           Wireless Networks
CS-032           Parallel Computing
CS-021           Cryptography & Network Security
CS-023            System Software and Administration
CS-024            Soft Computing 
TCS-042          Data Warehousing & Mining

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