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CS-011 : Digital Image Processing Books & References

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UNIT-I  Introduction and Fundamentals 
Motivation and Perspective, Applications, Components of Image Processing System,  Element of Visual Perception, A Simple Image Model, Sampling and Quantization.
Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain Introduction; Basic Gray Level Functions – Piecewise-Linear Transformation Functions: Contrast Stretching; Histogram Specification; Histogram Equalization; Local Enhancement; Enhancement using Arithmetic/Logic Operations – Image Subtraction, Image Averaging; Basics of Spatial Filtering; Smoothing - Mean filter, Ordered Statistic Filter; Sharpening – The Laplacian.

Image Enhancement in Frequency Domain 
Fourier Transform and the Frequency Domain, Basis of Filtering in Frequency Domain, Filters – Low-pass, High-pass; Correspondence Between Filtering in Spatial and Frequency Domain; Smoothing Frequency Domain Filters – Gaussian Lowpass Filters; Sharpening Frequency Domain Filters – Gaussian Highpass Filters; Homomorphic Filtering. Image Restoration A Model of Restoration Process, Noise Models, Restoration in the presence of Noise only-Spatial Filtering – Mean Filters: Arithmetic Mean filter, Geometric Mean Filter, Order Statistic Filters – Median Filter, Max and Min filters; Periodic Noise Reduction by Frequency Domain Filtering – Bandpass Filters; Minimum Mean-square Error Restoration.

Color Image Processing 
Color Fundamentals, Color Models, Converting Colors to different models, Color Transformation, Smoothing and Sharpening, Color Segmentation.Morphological Image Processing Introduction, Logic Operations involving Binary Images, Dilation and Erosion, Opening and Closing, Morphological Algorithms – Boundary Extraction, Region Filling, Extraction of Connected Components, Convex Hull, Thinning,Thickening

Introduction, Geometric Transformation – Plane to Plane transformation, Mapping, Stereo Imaging – Algorithms to Establish Correspondence, Algorithms to Recover Depth  Segmentation Introduction, Region Extraction, Pixel-Based Approach, Multi-level Thresholding, Local Thresholding, Region-based Approach, Edge and Line  Detection: Edge Detection, Edge Operators, Pattern Fitting Approach, Edge Linking and Edge Following, Edge Elements Extraction by Thresholding, Edge Detector Performance, Line Detection, Corner Detection.

Feature Extraction
Representation, Topological Attributes, Geometric Attributes  Description Boundary-based Description, Region-based Description, Relationship.  Object Recognition Deterministic Methods, Clustering, Statistical Classification, Syntactic Recognition, Tree Search, Graph Matching

1. Digital Image Processing 2nd Edition, Rafael C.  Gonzalvez and Richard E. Woods.
Published by: PHI.
2. B. Chanda, D.D. Majumder, “Digital Image Processing & Analysis”, PHI
3. Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision, R.J. Schalkoff. Published by: John Wiley
and Sons, NY.
4. Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, A.K. Jain. Published by Prentice Hall, Upper
Saddle River, NJ.


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