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CS-024 : Soft Computing Books & References

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Unit –I 
Introduction to soft computing. Applications of Artificial Neural Networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and other soft-computing techniques. Their strengths and weaknesses.Synergy of soft computing techniques.
Artificial neural networks : over view of history, Mathematical Models of Neurons, ANN architecture.

Introduction to artificial neural network  Neural Networks: Learning rules, Learning Paradigms-Supervised, Unsupervised and reinforcement Learning, ANN training Algorithms-perceptions, Training rules, Delta, Back
Propagation Algorithm, Multilayer Perceptron Model, Competitive learning networks, Kohonen self organizing networks, Hebbian learning; Hopfield Networks.

Fuzzy Logic: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic, Classical and Fuzzy Sets: Overview of Classical Sets, Membership Function, Fuzzy rule generation.Operations on Fuzzy Sets: Compliment, Intersections, Unions, Combinations of Operations, Aggregation Operations.Fuzzy Arithmetic: Fuzzy Numbers, Linguistic Variables, Arithmetic Operations on Intervals & Numbers, Lattice of Fuzzy Numbers, Fuzzy Equations.

Unit - IV 
Genetic algorithms(Gas),Evolution strategies(Ess),Evolutionary programming(EP),Genetic Programming(GP),Selecting, crossover, mutation, schema analysis, analysis of selection algorithms; convergence; Markov & other stochastic models.

Unit - V 
Other Soft computing approaches Simulated Annealing, Tabu Search, Ant colony based
optimisation, etc.

Text Books: 
1. “Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft computing”, Jang, Sun, Mizutani, Pearson
2. “Neural networks: a comprehensive foundation”, Haykin, Pearson
3. “Genetic Algorithms”, Goldberg, Pearson
4. “Fuzzy Sets & Fuzzy Logic”, G.J. Klir & B. Yuan, PHI.

1. “An Introduction to Neural Networks”, Anderson J.A., PHI, 1999.
2. “Introduction to the Theory of Neural Computation”, Hertz J. Krogh, R.G. Palmer,
Addison- Wesley, California, 1991.
3. “An Introduction to Genetic Algorithm”, Melanie Mitchell, PHI, 1998.
4. “Neural Networks-A Comprehensive Foundations”, Prentice-Hall International, New
Jersey, 1999.
5. “Neural Networks: Algorithms, Applications and Programming Techniques”, Freeman
J.A. & D.M. Skapura, Addison Wesley, Reading, Mass, (1992).


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