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Practicals C.S 3rd Semester

PCS- 302 : Computer Based Numerical Techniques Lab 
Write Programs in ‘C’ Language: 

1.  To deduce error envolved in polynomial equation. 
2.  To Find out the root of the Algebraic and Transcendental equations using 
3.  To implement Newton’s Forward and Backward Interpolation formula. 
4.  To implement Gauss Forward and Backward, Bessel’s, Sterling’s and Evertt’s 
Interpolation formula. 
5.  To implement Newton’s Divided Difference and Langranges Interpolation formula. 
6.  To implement Numerical Differentiations. 
7.  To implement Numerical Integration using Trapezoidal, Simpson 1/3 and Simpson 3/8 
8.  To implement Least Square Method for curve fitting. 
9.  To draw frequency chart like histogram, frequency curve and pie-chart etc. 
10. To estimate regression equation from sampled data and evaluate values of standard 
deviation, t-statistics, regression coefficient, value of R2 for atleast two independent 

PCS- 303 : Data Structure Lab  

Write Program in C or C++ for following.  
1.  Program for Stack  
2.  Program Queue, Circular Queue  
3.  Program demonstrating Stack operation  
4.  Program for Stack Using Linked List  
5.  Program for Queue Using Linked List  
6.  Traversing of Tree Using Linked List 
7.  Queue Using Array 
8.  Program for Tree Structure, Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree 
9.  Program for Heap Sort 
10. Program for Quick Sort 
11. Graph Implementation BFS,DFS 
12. Deletion in BST 
13. Insertion in BST 


1.  Bread-board implementation of various flip-flops. 
2.  Bread-board implementation of counters & shift registers. 
3.  Determination of Delay time and NAND, NOR, Ex-OR, AND & OR Gates. 
4.  Bread Board Implementation of Flip-Flops.  
5.  Experiments with clocked Flip-Flop.  
6.  Design of Counters.  
7.  Bread Board implementation of counters & shift registers.  
8.  Implementation of Arithmetic algorithms.  
9.  Bread Board implementation of Adder/Subtractor (Half, Full) 
10. Transfer characteristics of TTL inverters & TTL Schmitt Trigger inverter. 
11. Transfer characteristics of CMOS inverters series and CD40 series and 
12. estimation of Gate delay of CD40 series CMOS inverter. 
13. Monoshot multivibrators using 74121 and 74123. 
14. Clock circuit realization using 555 and CMOS inverter and quartz crystal. 
15. Adder/ subtractor operation using IC7483 4 bit/ 8 bit. 
16. Demultiplexer / Decoder operation using IC-74138.

PCS- 304 : Object Oriented Programming Using Java

1.  To become familiar with classes that represent entities that can interact with the 
2.  To successfully write simple programs that involve if statements. 
3.  To gain practice in the use of Boolean operators like && and ||. 
4.  To construct a class that represents a simple ATM (automatic teller machine). 
5.  Write a new program called that will request that the user enter an 
integer and then will display the message .positive,. .negative,. or zero. if the value 
that was entered was greater than zero, less than zero, or equal to zero, respectively. 
6.  Write a simple program called that will request N, the 
number of values desired, and then generate a list of N random double values. Use 
a ViewFrame for input and output. 
7.  Write program for Java Applets. 
8.  Use Java Servlets for proxy server. 


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