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Practicals C.S 4th Semester

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UNIX & Shell Programming Lab 
1. Use Vi editor to create a file called myfile.txt which contain some text.  Correct typing errors during creation, Save the file & Logout of the file
2.Open the file created in Exp 1, Add, Change, delete & Save the changes
3. Use the cat command to create a file containing the following data. Call it mutable use tabs to separate the fields 1425 ravi 15.65, 4320 ramu 26.27, 6830 sita 36.15, 1450 raju 21.86
4. Use the cat command to display the file, my table, use vi command to correct any errors in the file, my table, use the sort command to sort the file my table according to the first field. Call the sorted file mytable(same name) & print the file my table
5. Use the cut & paste commands to swap fields 2 and 3 my table. Call it mytable(same name) & print the new file, my table
6. Use the date and who commands in sequence ?(in one line) such that the output of date will display on the screen and the output of who will be redirected to a file called my file2.Use the more command to check the contents of myfile2.
7. Develop an interactive grep script that asks for a word and a file name and then tells how many lines contain that word
8. Write A shell script that takes a command –line argument and reports on whether it is directry ,a file,or something else
9. Write a shell script that accepts one or more file name as a arguments and converts all of them to uppercase,provided they exits in the current directory
10. Write a shell script that determines the period for which a specified user is working on the system

PCS- 404 : Database Management System Lab 
1.  Write the queries for Data Definition and Data Manipulation Language.
2.  Write SQL queries using logical operations (=,<,>,etc)
3.  Write SQL queries using SQL operators
4.  Write SQL query using character, number, date and group functions
5.  Write SQL queries for relational algebra
6.  Write SQL queries for extracting data from more than one table
7.  Write SQL queries for sub queries, nested queries
8.  Write programme by the use of PL/SQL
11. Create  FORMS and REPORTS
1. The queries to be implemented on DBMS using SQL
2. Students are advised to use Developer 2000/Oracle9i or other latest version for above
experiments. However student may use Power Builder/SQL SERVER or DB2.

PCS- 405 : Microprocessor Lab 
1.  To study 8085 microprocessor System
2.  To study 8086 microprocessor System
3.  To develop and run a programme to find out largest and smallest number
4.  To develop and run a programme for converting temperature from F to C degree
5.  To develop and run a programme to compute square root of a given number
6.  To develop and run a programme for computing ascending/descending order of a number.
7.  To perform interfacing of RAM chip to 8085/8086
8.  To perform interfacing of keyboard controller
9.  To perform interfacing of DMA controller
10. To perform interfacing of UART/USART


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