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TCS-021 : Cryptography & Network Security Books & References

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Conventional Encryption: Conventional encryption model, classical encryption techniques- Introduction to security attacks, services andmechanism,introduction to cryptography.substitution ciphers and transposition ciphers,cryptanalysis,stereography, stream and block Modern Block Ciphers: Block ciphers principals, Shannon’s theory of confusion and ciphers.
diffusion, fiestal structure, data encryption standard(DES), strength of DES, differential and decryption, strength of IDEA, confidentiality using conventional encryption, traffic linear crypt analysis of DES, block cipher modes of operations, triple DES, IDEA encryption confidentiality, key distribution, random number generation. 


Fermat’s and Euler’s theorem, primality testing, Euclid’s Algorithm, Chinese Remainder theorem, discrete logarithms. Principals of public  key crypto systems, RSA algorithm, security of RSA, key management, Diffle-Hellman key exchange algorithm, introductory Introduction to graph, ring and field, prime and relative prime numbers, modular arithmetic, idea of Elliptic curve cryptography, Elganel encryption. 


functions, message authentication code, hash functions, birthday attacks, security of hash Message Authentication and Hash Function: Authentication requirements, authentication Digital Signatures: Digital Signatures, authentication protocols, digital signature standards functions and MACS, MD5 message digest algorithm, Secure hash algorithm(SHA).(DSS), proof of digital signature algorithm. 


mail security-pretty good privacy (PGP), S/MIME.Authentication Applications: Kerberos and X.509, directory authentication service, electronic.

security associations, key management.IP Security: Architecture, Authentication header, Encapsulating security payloads, combining Web Security: Secure socket layer and transport layer security, secure electronic transaction (SET). System Security: Intruders, Viruses and related threads, firewall design principals, trusted systems. 

1. William Stallings, “Cryptography and Network Security: Principals and Practice”, Prentice
Hall, New Jersy.
2. Johannes A. Buchmann, “Introduction to Cryptography”, Springer-Verlag.
3. B. Forouzan, “Cryptography and Network Security, TMH 

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