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TCS-302 Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques


Introduction: Numbers and their accuracy, Computer Arithmetic, Mathematical preliminaries,
Errors and their Computation, General error formula, Error in a series approximation.
Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equation: Bisection Method, Iteration method, Method of false position, Newton-Raphson method,Methods of finding complex roots, Muller’s method, Rate of convergence of Iterative methods,Polynomial Equations.


Interpolation: Finite Differences, Difference tables Polynomial Interpolation: Newton’s
forward and backward formula Central Difference Formulae: Gauss forward and backward
formula, Stirling’s, Bessel’s, Everett’s formula.
Interpolation with unequal intervals: Langrange’s Interpolation, Newton Divided difference
formula, Hermite’s Interpolation


Numerical Integration and Differentiation: Introduction, Numerical differentiation
Numerical Integration: Trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s 1/3 and 3/8 rule, Boole’s rule, Waddle’s rule.
Solution of differential Equations: Picard’s Method, Euler’s Method, Taylor’s Method, Runge-Kutta Methods, Predictor Corrector Methods, Automatic Error Monitoring and Stability of solution.


Statistical Computation: Frequency chart, Curve fitting by method of least squares, fitting of
straight lines, polynomials, exponential curves etc, Data fitting with Cubic splines, Regression
Analysis, Linear and Non linear Regression, Multiple regression, Statistical Quality Control

Text Books:
1. Rajaraman V, “Computer Oriented Numerical Methods”, PHI, 3rd edition.
2. Pradip Niyogi, “Numerical Analysis and Algorithms”, TMH, 1st Edition.
3. Jain, Iyengar and Jain, “Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering.Computations”, New Age Int
read online here


1. Gerald & Whealey, “Applied Numerical Analyses”, AW
2. Grewal B S, “Numerical methods in Engineering and Science”, Khanna Publishers, Delhi.
3. Numerical Method Principles, analysis and algorithms ,Srimamta Pal (Oxford Highered)
4. Sastry S. S, “Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis”, Pearson Education.


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