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TCS-304 : Object Oriented Programming Books & references

Unit I 
Object Modeling:
Objects and classes, links and association, generalization and inheritance,
aggregation, abstract class, multiple inheritance, meta data, candidate keys, constraints.Dynamic
Modeling: Events and states, operations, nested state diagrams and concurrency, advanced
dynamic modeling concepts, a sample dynamic model.

Unit II
Functional Modeling:
Data flow diagram, specifying operations, constraints, a sample functional model.OMT (object modeling techniques) methodologies, examples and case studies to demonstrate methodologies, comparisons of methodologies, SA/SD, JSD.

Unit III 
Java Programming: 
 Introduction, Operator, Data types, Variables, Methods & Classes,Multithread Programming, I/O, Java Applet.

Unit IV 
Java Library: 
String Handling, Input/Output exploring, Networking, Exception Handling, Event Handling, Introduction to AWT, Working with window, Graphics, AWT Controls, Layout Manager and Menus, Images.

Unit V 
Software Development using Java:
Java Swing, Migrating from C++ to java, Application of java, JDBC. 

Text Books:
1. Herbert Schieldt, “The Complete Reference: Java”, TMH, 7th Edition.
2. E. Balagurusamy, “Programming in JAVA”, TMH, 4th Edition.
3.James Rumbaugh etal, “Object Oriented Modeling and Design”, PHI 

1. Bjarne Stroustrup, “C++ Programming Language”, Addison Wesley, 3rd Edition.
2. E. Balagurusamy, “Object Oriented Programming with C++”, TMH, 2008.


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