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TCS-402 : Unix & Shell Programming Books & References

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Introduction to UNIX, UNIX system organization (the kernel and the shell), Unix File System, Basic file attributes, Editors (vi and ed).
General Purpose Utilities:  cal, date, echo, script, mailx, passwd, who, uname, tty, sty, cat, cp,rm, mv,  more, file, wc, od, cmp, comm, diff, lp, banner, dos2unix, and unix2dos, gzip and gunzip, zip and unzip.
Unix Shell programming: Types of Shells, Shell Metacharacters, Shell variables, Shell scripts, Shell commands, the environment, Integer  arithmetic and string Manipulation, Special command line characters, Decision making and  Loop control, controlling terminal input, trapping signals, arrays.
Unix System Administration: File System, mounting and unmounting file system, System
booting, shutting down, handling user account,  backup, recovery, security, creating files,
storage of Files, Disk related commands,  User quota and accounting.

1.  Sumitabh Das, “Unix Concepts and applications”, TMH, 2003 : Direct Link to Book
2.  Yashwant Kanitkar, “Unix Shell Programming”, BPB, 2009 : Direct Link to Book 

1. Parata, “Advanced Unix programming guide”, BPB
2. Meeta Gandhi, Tilak Shetty, Rajiv Shah, “The ‘C’ Odyssey Unix – the open boundless    C”, BPB.
3. Mike Joy, Stephen Jarvis, Michael Luck, “Introducing Unix and Linux”, Palgrave Macmillan.
4. Rachel Morgan, Henry McGilton, “Introducing Unix System V”, TMH


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