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TCS-404 : Database Management System Books & references

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Unit- I           
Introduction: An overview of database management system, database system Vs file system,Database system concepts and architecture, data models schema and instances, data independence and data base language and interfaces, Data definitions language, DML, Overall Database Structure.

Data Modeling using the Entity Relationship Model: 
ER model concepts, notation for ER diagram, mapping constraints, keys, Concepts of Super Key, Candidate key, primary key, Generalization, aggregation, reduction of an ER diagrams to tables, Extended ER model, relationships of higher degree.

Unit- II        
Relational data Model and Language: Relational data model concepts, integrity constraints:entity integrity, referential integrity, Keys constraints, Domain constraints, relational algebra,relational calculus, tuple and domain calculus.
 Introduction to SQL: Characteristics of SQL. Advantage of SQL. SQL data types and literals. Types of SQL commands. SQL operators and their procedure. Tables, views, Queries and sub queries. Aggregate functions. Insert, update and delete operations. Joins, Unions, Intersection, Minus, Cursors in SQL.

Unit- III         
Data Base Design & Normalization: 
Functional dependencies, normal forms, first, second, third normal forms, BCNF, inclusion dependences, loss less join decompositions, normalization using FD, MVD, and JDs, alternative approaches to database design.

Unit- IV     
Transaction Processing Concepts:  
Transaction system, Testing of serializability, Serializability of schedules, conflict & view serializable schedule, recoverability, Recovery from transaction failures, log based recovery, checkpoints, deadlock handling.

Unit- V      
Concurrency Control Techniques: 
Concurrency control, locking Techniques for concurrency control, Time stamping protocols for concurrency control, validation based protocol, multiple granularity, Multi version schemes, Recovery with concurrent transaction.

Text Books: 
1 Korth, Silbertz, Sudarshan, “Database Concepts”, McGraw Hill, 5th  Edition
Direct Links to Book : Link 1 & Link 2
2 Elmasri, Navathe, “Fundamentals Of Database Systems”, Addision Wesley,5th edition
Direct Link to the Book

1 Date C J, “An Introduction To Database System”, Pearson, 8th Edition. 
2 Bipin C. Desai, “An introduction to Database Systems”, Galgotia Publication 
3 Leon & Leon, “Database Management System”, Vikas Publishing House. 
4 Majumdar & Bhattacharya, “Database Management System”, TMH 
5 Ramakrishnan, Gehrke, “Database Management System”, McGraw Hill 
7. Kroenke, “Database Processing: Fundamentals, Design and Implementation”, Pearson Education. 
8. Maheshwari Jain, “DBMS: Complete Practical Approach”, Firewall Media, New Delhi.


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