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TCS-405 : Microprocessor Books & References

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Unit  I        
Introduction – Microprocessors Evolution and types (Intel 4004 – Pentium IV and road maps),
Overview of 8085, 8086, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium processors and Micontrollers.

Unit II  
Architecture  of  8086  – Register Organization, Execution  unit, Bus  Interface Unit, SignalDescription,  Physical  Memory  Organization,  General  Bus  Operation,  I/O addressingcapabilities,  Minimum  mode  and  maximum  mode  timing  diagrams, Comparison with 8088

Unit III        
8086 programming – Assembly language program development tools (editor, linker, loader,locator, Assembler, emulator and Debugger), Addressing modes, Instruction set descriptions,

Unit IV        
Assembler directives and operators, Procedures and Macros. (Writing programs for use with anassembler MASM),8086 Interfacing – Interfacing 8086 with semiconductor memory, 8255,8254/ 8243, 8251, 8279.

Unit V    
A/D  and D/A  converters, Numeric  processor 8087,  I/O processor 8089, Bus Interface( USB,PCI).    

Text Books:
1. D.V. Hall, “Microprocessors and Interfacing”, TMH, 2  Ed. 1991.  Direct Link to Book
2. Barry B Brey, “INTEL Microprocessors”, Prentice-Hall. Direct Link 1 to Book Direct Link 2 to Book

1. Y.-C.  Liu  and G. A. Gibson,  “Microprocessor  Systems:  The  8086/8088 family
Architecture, Programming & Design”, PHI, 2000.


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