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TCS-501 : Computer Graphics Books & References

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Line generation: Points lines, Planes, Pixels and Frame buffers, vector and 
character generation. Graphics Primitives: Display devices, Primitive devices, 
Display File Structure, Display control text.

Polygon:  Polygon  Representation,  Entering  polygons,  Filling polygons. 
Segments:  Segments  table,  creating  deleting  and  renaming  segments, 
visibility, image transformations.

Transformations: Matrices transformation, transformation routines, displays 
procedure. Windowing and Clipping: Viewing transformation and clipping, 
generalize clipping, multiple windowing.

Three Dimension: 3-D geometry primitives,  transformations,  projection 
clipping. Interaction: Hardware  input devices handling algorithms, Event 
handling echoing, Interactive techniques.

Hidden Line and Surface: Back face removal algorithms, hidden line methods. 
Rendering and Illumination: Introduction to curve generation, Bezier, Hermite 
and B-spline algorithms and their comparisons.

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References : 
1.  Rogers, "Procedural Elements of Computer Graphics", McGraw Hill 
2.  Asthana, Sinha, "Computer Graphics", Addison Wesley Newman and 
Sproul, "Principle of Interactive Computer Graphics", McGraw Hill 
3.  Steven Harrington, "Computer Graphics", A Programming Approach, 2nd 
4.  Rogar  and Adams,  "Mathematical  Elements  of  Computer  Graphics", 
McGraw Hill. 


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