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TCS-504 : Principle of programming Language Books and References

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Unit -I 
Introduction:  Characteristics of programming Languages,  Factors influencing the evolution  of programming  language,  developments  in programming  methodologies,  desirable features and design  issues.Programming language processors: Structure and operations of translators,software simulated computer, syntax, semantics, structure, virtual computers, binding and binding time.

Unit -II
Elementary and Structured Data Types: Data object variables, constants, datatypes,  elementary  data  types,  declaration,  assignment  and  initialization,enumeration,  characters, strings.  Structured  data  type and  objects:Specification of data structured types, vectors and arrays, records, variable size data structure, pointers and programmer constructed data structure, Sets files.  Sub  Program and programmer defined data  types: Evolution  of data types,  abstractions,  encapsulations,  information  hiding,  sub  programmes,abstract data types.

Unit -III
Sequence Control; Implicit and Explicit  sequence control, sequence control with within expression and statements, recursive sub programmes, exception handling, co routines, Scheduled sub programmes, concurrent execution. Data control referencing environments, static and dynamic scope, local data local data referencing  environment, shared  data: Explicit common  environmentdynamic scope parameter passing mechanism.

Unit -IV
Storage Management: Major run  time requirements, storage management phases,  static storage management, stack based, heap  based  storage management.  Syntax and  translation: General  syntactic  criteria, syntactic element of a language, stages in translation, formal syntax and semantics.

Unit -V
Operating and Programming Environment: Batch Processing Environments,Embedded  system  requirements,  Theoretical  models,  Introduction to Functional Programming, Lambda calculus, Data flow language and Object Oriented  language,  Comparison  in various  general  and  special  purpose programming languages e.g. Fortran, C, Pascal, Lisp, etc.

1.  Terrance  W Pratt, "Programming  Languages:  Design  and
Implementation" PHI
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2.  Sebesta, "Concept of Programming Language", Addison Wesley
3.   E Horowitz, "Programming Languages", 2nd Edition, Addison Wesley
4.   "Fundamentals of Programming Languages", Galgotia.
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