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TCS-505 : Advance Java Programming Books & References

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Advance Java Programming (TCS-505)


Java Beans and Web Servers: Introduction to Java Beans, Advantage, Properties, BDK,Introduction to EJB, Java Beans API Introduction to Servelets, Lifecycle, JSDK, Servlet API,Servlet Packages: HTTP package, Working with Http request and response, Security Issues.Java Script: Data types, variables, operators, conditional statements, array object, date object, string object, Dynamic Positioning and front end validation, Event Handling.

JSP: Introduction to JSP, JSP processing, JSP Application Design, Tomcat Server, Implicit JSP objects, Conditional Processing, Declaring variables and methods, Error Handling and Debugging, Sharing data between JSP pages- Sharing Session and Application Data.
Database Connectivity: Database Programming using JDBC, Studying Javax.sql.*package,accessing a database from a JSP page, Application-specific Database Action, Developing Java Beans in a JSP page, introduction to Struts framework.

Java Servlet: Brief origin and advantages over CGI, J2EE Servlet 2.x Specification, Writing
small Servlet Programs, Deployment Descriptor, Inter Servlet Collaboration, Session:
Definition, State on web, Different ways to track sessions,


J2SE: Concepts and Prerequisites: Data Types, Arrays, Dynamic Arrays, Type Casting,Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading,J2EE Architecture: J2EE as a framework, Client Server Traditional model, Comparison amongst 2-tier, 3-tier and N-tier architectures, Thin and Thick Clients


1. Elliotte Rusty Harold, “ Java Network Programming”, O’Reilly publishers, 2000

2. Ed Roman, “Mastering Enterprise Java Beans”, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1999.
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3. Hortsmann & Cornell, “Core Java 2 Advanced Features, Vol II”, Pearson Education,

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1. Web reference:
2. Patrick Naughton, “COMPLETE REFERENCE: JAVA2”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2003.


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