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TCS-601 : Operating System Books & References

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Unit -I 
Introduction: Operating System and Function, Evolution of Operating System,Batch, Interactive, Time Sharing and Real Time System, System Protection.
Operating System Structure:  System Components, System Structure, Operating System Services.
Unit - II 
Concurrent  Processes:  Process  Concept,  Principle  of  Concurrency, Producer /  Consumer  Problem, Critical Section, Problem, Semaphores, Classical Problems  in  Concurrency,  Inter  Processes  Communication, Process Generation, Process Scheduling.
Unit - III 
CPU Scheduling:  Scheduling Concept,  Performance  Criteria Scheduling Algorithm, Evolution, multiprocessor  Scheduling.  Deadlock,  System Model,  Deadlock  Characterization,  Prevention,  Avoidance  and  Detection, Recovery From Deadlock Combined Approach.
Unit - IV 
Memory  Management: Basic  Machine,  Resident  Monitor, Multiprogramming with Fixed  Partition,  Multiprogramming  With Variable Partition,  Multiple  Base  Register, Paging,  Segmentation,  Paged
Segmentation, Virtual' Memory  Concept,  Demand Paging,  Performance, Paged Replaced  Algorithm, Allocation  of Frames,  Thrashing,  Cache Memory Organization, Impact on Performance.
 Unit - V 
I/O Management & Disk Scheduling: I/O Devices and The Organization of I/O Function, I/O Buffering, Disk I/O, Operating  System  Design  Issues.  File System: File  Concept, File  Organization and Access  Mechanism,  File Directories, File Sharing, Implementation Issues.

Suggested Books and References: 
1. Milenekovie, "Operating System Concept", McGraw Hill.
2. Petersons, "Operating Systems", Addision Wesley.
3. Dietal, "An Introduction to Operating System", Addision Wesley.
4. Tannenbaum, "Operating System Design and Implementation", PHI.
5. Gary Nutt, "Operating System, A Modern Perspective", Addision Wesley.
6. Stalling, Willium, "Operating System", Maxwell Macmillan
7. Silveschatza, Peterson J, "Operating System Concepts", Willey.
8. Crowley, "Operating System", TMH.

Links :  Link 1 for Operating System Concepts 8TH EDITION & Link 2 for Operating System Concepts 8TH EDITION



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