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TEC-301 Digital Electronics & Design Aspect

Unit-I : Introduction
Characteristics of digital system, Types of Digital circuits, Number system: Direct conversion between bases Negative numbers & BCD and their arithmetic’s, Boolean algebra, Minimization of Boolean Functions: K Map upto 6 variable and multiple output circuits error detection & correcting codes, Hamming & cyclic codes quine mcclusky method

Unit-II : Combinational Logic Circuits
Design Procedure, adders, subtractiors & code conversion, Multiplexers/Demultiplexers,encoder/decoders, decimal adders & amplitude comparators, ROM as decoder, PLA & PAL.DRC, RDC.

Unit-III : Sequential Logic Circuits
Flip-Flops and their conversions, analysis and synthesis of synchronous sequential circuit,excitation table, state table & diagram. Design of synchronous counters, shift registers and theie applications.

Unit-IV : Logic Families
Diode, BJT & MOS as a switching element concept of transfer characteristics, Input characteristics and output characteristics of logic gates, TTL, IIL,ECL,NMOS,CMOS Tri-state logic, open collector output, Interfacing between logic families, packing density, power consumption & gate delay.

Unit-V : Hazard ,Fault Detection &Memories
Hazard and Fault Detection: Static and dynamic Hazard: Gate delay, Generation of spikes,Determination of hazard in combinational circuits, Fault detection methods: Fault Table & Path sensitizing methods.Memories: Sequential, Random Access, NMOS & CMOS Static and Dynamic Memory elements, one and multi-dimensional selection arrangement, Read-only memories, Formation of memory banks, internal & External address decoding.

Text Books :
1. Digital Systems: Principles and Design, Raj Kamal, Pearson
2. M. Morris Mano and M. D. Ciletti, Digital Design, M. Morris Mano and M. D. Ciletti, 4th Edition,pearson
3.Switching Circuit & Logic Design, Hill & Peterson, Wiley.

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