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Syllabus and Books of Uttarakhand Technical University, Electronics and Communication Engineering Branch by every Semester.

Here you go...All matter related to Electronics and Communication Engineering Subjects!!! 

TCS-301   Computer Based Numerical Technique
TEC-301   Electronic Devices and Circuits 
TEC-302   Digital Electronic and Design Aspects
TEC-303   Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation
TEE-301   Network Analysis and Synthesis 
THM-301  Engineering Economics

TEC-401   Electromagnetic Field Theory
TEC-402   Analog Integrated Circuits
TCS-401   Computer Organization
TEC-404   Signal and Systems
TEC-405   Analog Communication 
TEC-406   Solid State Devices and Semiconductor Materials

TEC-501   Automatic Control Systems
TEC-502   Digital Signal Processing
TEC-503   VLSI Technology
TEC-504   Advanced Microprocessors
TEC-505   Antenna And Wave Propagation
TCS-507   Concepts of  Programming and OOPs

TEC – 601   Microwave Techniques
TEC - 602   VLSI Circuit Design 
TEC – 603  Telecommunication Switching Systems
TEC - 604   Digital Communication 
TCS – 607   Data Structures Using C++
THU – 608   Principles of Management


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