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1. Unit-I
Unit, dimensions and standards: Scientific notations and metric prefixes. SI electrical units, SI temperature scales, Other unit systems, dimension and standards.Measurement Errors: Gross error, systematic error, absolute error and relative error,accuracy, precision, resolution and significant figures, Measurement error
combination, basics of statistical analysis.
PMMC instrument, galvanometer, DC ammeter, DC voltmeter, series ohm meter.

2. Unit-II
Transistor voltmeter circuits, AC electronic voltmeter, current measurement with electronic instruments, multimeter probes Digital voltmeter systems, digital multimeters, digital frequency meter System, Voltmeter and ammeter methods, Wheatstone bridge, low resistance measurements, low resistance measuring instruments AC bridge theory, capacitance bridges, Inductance bridges, Q meter.

3. Unit-III
Analog to digital converter: Transfer characteristics, A/D conversion technique: Simple potentiometer and servo method, successive approximation method ramp type, integrating and dual slope integrating method
D/A Converter: Transfer characteristic, D/A conversion technique, digital mode of operation, performance characteristics of D/A convertors.
Display Devices: Alpha numeric display using LCD and LED Specification of digital meters, Display digits and count resolution, sensitivity, accuracy, speed and settling time etc.

4. Unit-IV
CRO: CRT, wave form display, time base, dual trace oscilloscope,measurement of voltage, frequency and phase by CRO, Oscilloscope Probes, Oscilloscope specifications and performance.
Delay time based Oscilloscopes, Sampling Oscilloscope, DSO, DSO Applications

5. Unit-V
Signal generator and analyzer: Signal generator: Sine wave, non-sinusoidal signal and function generators, frequency synthesis techniques and digital signal generators Signal analyzers: Spectrum analyzer and distortion, Concept of ECG, EMI, EMC,EEG etc. Recorders: X-Y recorders, plotters

Reference Books:
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3. Oliver and Cage, “Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation”, TMH, 2009.
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