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TEC-404 SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS Books & References


1. Unit-I
Signals and Systems: Continuous-time and discrete-time Signals,Transformations of the Independent Variable, Exponential and Sinusoidal Signals, Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time LTI Systems and their properties, convolution sum and convolution integrals, LTI System described by differential and difference equation.

2. Unit-II

Fourier series and Fourier Transformer: The response of LTI Systems to Complex Exponentials, Fourier Series Representation of Continuous-time Periodic Signals and their Properties, Continuous time and discrete time Fourier Transforms and their properties, System Characterized by Linear Constant Coefficient Differential equations and Difference equation.

3. Unit-III
Time and Frequency Characterization of Signals and Systems: Magnitude Phase Representation of the Fourier Transform, Magnitude Phase Representation of the Frequency response of LTI systems, Time
domain Properties of Ideal Frequency Selective filter, Time Domain and Frequency Domain aspects of Non ideal filters, First Order and Second Order Continuous Time and Discrete time Systems.

4. Unit-IV
Sampling and Laplace Transform: Signal representation by samples,sampling theorem, Impulse train sampling, sampling of discrete time signals, discrete time processing of continuous time signals. Laplace
Transform, Region of convergence, inverse Laplace Transform,Analysis and characterization of LTI System, Block diagram representation, Unilateral Laplace transform.

5. Unit-V
Z-Transform: Z-Transform, Region of convergence, Inverse Ztransform,analysis and characterization of LTI system, Block diagram representation, Unilateral Z-transform.

Reference Book:
1. Simon Haykin, Signals & Systems, Wiley India
2. Lathi, B P , Signals & Systems, B S Publication
3. Dolten, Understanding Signals & Systems, Mc Graw Hill


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